Mascota, defined as an animal or object that brings good luck, for us it’s much more than that. Here’s the story of its meaning, and the tale of a life written in wine.

The Sadler family only kept a few bottles of wine in their cellar, a dark, damp basement that they chose to save their private collection of wines made by grandpa Sadler himself.

Once the vintage was over, the Sadler family used to share one of those exclusive bottles from previous harvests to celebrate the success of the season. Opi himself, as a child, used to go down the creaky, unstable stairs to the cellar, in the company of his grandfather, to pick the bottles they would share with their beloved ones. When they opened the doors to the cellar, a flock of bats would fly over their heads, blinded by the daylight after a year of living in the dark. Those mysterious animals were, in Opi’s young mind, the guardians of those precious bottles. They were there to ensure that nobody other than the Sadlers drank that wine. Years later, the bat would become the mascot for his winemaking endeavour.

Mascota Vineyards is the memory of a childhood infused with the spirit of wine. It represents Opi’s way to cherish his memories, playing with flavours and aromas among treasures of the past, still under the protection of the most fantastic imaginary guardians.

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