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The following terms and conditions govern the use of the website called www.mascotavineyards.com (hereinafter the “website”) where Grupo Peñaflor provides general information about us, who we are, our wineries, our vineyards, the Group in the world, our figures and evolution, press and information about wines in the world.

Please, read these Terms and Conditions carefully because the use of the Website by You (hereinafter, the “User”), means the complete acceptance of all terms and conditions. Therefore, the User agrees to comply with all provisions contained in these General Conditions, under applicable laws, bylaws, norms and regulations related to the use of the Website. The owner of the website has the right to revise these General Conditions at any time, updating and changing this page. In case the User does not agree with these Terms and Conditions please do not enter or use this Website.

In certain countries users are not allowed to visit a Website like ours as there exist local laws which restrain the promotion and/or sale of alcoholic beverages. In case you visit us from a country where such restrictions are applied, please leave the Website immediately. In case you are not sure of the applicable and valid laws of the country from which you have access to our website, we recommend you to leave it now and get informed of your legal situation before going on.


To have access to GRUPO PEÑAFLOR website, you must have reached the legal age for alcohol consumption in the country from which you are having access to our website, otherwise, leave this website immediately.-

Pursuant to Section 6, paragraph A) of law Nº 24.788 (NATIONAL LAW AGAINST ALCOHOLISM) the access to the website to persons under 18 years of age is expressly prohibited. Parents of minor children under 18 years of age or legal representatives of minor children are advised to control and monitor the access to websites visited by minors in order to avoid the access to content and/or information published which could be detrimental to their proper development.

In order to enable access to GRUPO PEÑAFLOR website, the user is required to declare – in an affidavit – if user is over 18 years of age and/or the legal age for alcohol consumption of the country from which the user is having access to the website.-

Upon the actual and technological impossibility of controlling the age of users who have access to MASCOTA VINEYARDS website, any breach or falseness about the information completed by a person under 18 years of age and/or the corresponding legal age of the country, will be the sole responsibility of the user and/or their parents and/or their legal representatives, curators or guardians.


1.1 . Access and use of the website.

The access to and use of the website does not enforce the subscription or registration of users, without detriment to this, in case the use of certain services offered on our website requires the subscription or registration of the User, the User will be duly advised, and it will be at user’s own risk to continue with the service offered by the Website.

1.2 Use of the website

User undertakes to use the website pursuant to the law, these General Conditions, the Special Conditions if any, as well as morality and public order.

Any kind of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, broadcast, storage, digitizing, being available to third parties, translation, adjustment, or any other act by which the User may make use of any content of the Website either directly or indirectly, totally or partially.

The User undertakes to refrain from using the website with unlawful purposes or effects contrary to the provisions established by the General Conditions, detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties, or in any other way may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the website or impede the normal use of the website on the part of Users.

The User shall be liable for any kind of damage that MASCOTA VINEYARDS may suffer, either directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the breach of any liability derived from these Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of a specific service that is included in the website, or of the applicable law concerning the use of the Website.

1.3. Use of the content of the Website.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS authorizes to view and/or interact with the content of the Website and solely for personal, noncommercial use. The contents of this Website, such as texts, graphics, images, logos, button icons, software, images, patents, music, database and any other material, hereinafter “THE CONTENTS”, are protected by the industrial and intellectual property Law (Copyright and/or trademarks). All Content is the exclusive property of MASCOTA VINEYARDS or of third parties whose rights have been licensed or assigned to MASCOTA VINEYARDS, and/or of any other affiliated corporation, their content suppliers or their clients.

The User shall not sell or modify or reproduce the Content, display it, represent it in public, distribute it, or to make use of this content with commercial or broadcast purposes. The use of the Content is prohibited in any other site of the web.

The photographs and images of the products shown on our website are only illustrative and are not necessarily the exact representation of the product.

1.4. Security Rules of the Website

Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Website, including but not limited to: a) have access to information which is not addressed to such user, or enter a server or account the User has unauthorized access, b) evaluate or prove the vulnerability of a system or network, or violate the security or identification measures, without proper authorization, c) attempt to impede the service to any User, host or network, including but not limited to, by sending virus to the Website, or by saturation, mass mailings “spanning”, mail bombing or system crash (“crashing”). d) send unsolicited e-mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services.

Security system or network violations may result in civil or criminal liabilities. MASCOTA VINEYARDS will investigate the cases in which such violations may have occurred, and may address to and cooperate with the competent authority to pursue the users involved in such violations.

1.5. Prohibited uses.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS specifically prohibits any use of the Website, and all Users agree not to use the Website for the following:

To use any mechanism, software or routine to impede or attempt to impede the proper operation of the Website, or any activity being done in this Website.

To perform any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionate upload on the infrastructure of this site in the web.

In case the user has a password which enables the user to have access to a nonpublic area of this Website, to reveal or share user’s password with third parties or use user’s password for any unauthorized purpose is prohibited.

Unless otherwise specified in these General Conditions, the use of, or attempt to use any machine, software, tool, agent or other mechanism or ruse to browse or search in this Website which are different from the machines or browsers search agents made available by MASCOTA VINEYARDS in this Website and different from web explorers generally available.
To attempt to decode, decompile or obtain the source code of any software program which is part or constitutes a part of this Website.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS has the right to unsubscribe any registered User who does not comply with the standards defined by these General Conditions or valid politics of MASCOTA VINEYARDS, which shall not imply a right to any compensation.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS has the same right to suspend or unsubscribe from MASCOTA VINEYARDS system any User who fails to comply with these General Conditions or by incurring, at the discretion of MASCOTA VINEYARDS, in malicious or fraudulent acts by using the Website or the Services provided by MASCOTA VINEYARDS.

The User agrees that MASCOTA VINEYARDS may suspend and/or permanently cancel user’s access to the Website at any time without previous notice, without implying any liability on the part of GRUPO PEÑAFLOR.-

Grounds for suspension / exclusion include, but not limited to, the following:
1) Breach of the terms and conditions of the use of the website on the part of the User
2) requirements by legal or governmental authorities
3) request for termination of account required by user
4) technical or security computing problems;
5) extended periods of inactivity.
6) In case the user causes technical outage of the website.-

The User agrees that all grounds for termination set forth hereinbefore and/or any other that GRUPO PEÑAFLOR states hereinafter to its sole discretion and decision.-

1.6. Liability:

MASCOTA VINEYARDS shall neither guarantee nor assume liability for damages incurred by having access to the Website on the part of third parties through connections, links, hyperlinks or similar links from this one or any other internet sites which are the property of Grupo Peñaflor S.A. and/or linked sites, nor through other links that the User may use from the Website.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS shall neither be liable for damages caused by virus or other detrimental elements in the content of the website, which could alter the computer system nor for the documents or systems stored in the same.

The User voluntarily agrees to use the Website, its services and Content under user’s sole responsibility.


In case the website requests the User’s registration, the user shall be requested to give MASCOTA VINEYARDS certain information which includes, among others, Name, National Identity Document, telephone, valid e-mail address (which we denote as “Information”). In addition to the terms and conditions that may be established hereinafter by any privacy policy of this Website.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS shall not reveal to third parties, names, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers without previous consent, except to the extent it is necessary for the fulfillment of the in force laws or legal procedure, where such information is relevant.

All personal data or information provided by the User shall be used under the provisions set forth in the Privacy Policy Section.


The Website contains links to Websites (Facebook – Twitter – youtube) the information, photographs and/or videos of which are provided by MASCOTA VINEYARDS. The links supplied by MASCOTA VINEYARDS are only for the user’s convenience. MASCOTA VINEYARDS is only liable for the images, texts and/or photographs uploaded on its official and related websites, without being liable for the rest of the material and/or content of the websites property of third parties which could be linked to MASCOTA VINEYARDS website. In case the User desires to have access to websites, user does so on user’s own risk and responsibility.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS shall take proper procedure and measures to remove or disable those links which MASCOTA VINEYARDS is certainly sure that the activity they perform or the information to which they refer or recommend is unlawful or injures rights or property of third parties eligible for compensation.


The User agrees to defend, compensate and hold MASCOTA VINEYARDS, the affiliated corporations, its directors, employees and representatives, harmless from and against any charge, act or claim, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees resulting in the use of the website, its Content and Services on the part of the user, or any the breach of these General Conditions on the part of the user, and if any, of the Special Conditions.

MASCOTA VINEYARDS shall immediately notify of any legal action, act or procedure of this kind, and shall assist you, at its expense, against any claim, act or procedure of this kind.


5.1. The Terms and Conditions of the Website shall be construed and governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic. The User and MASCOTA VINEYARDS agree to submit to the jurisdiction of ordinary courts of the City of Buenos Aires, excluding any other venue or jurisdiction that may correspond, in case of disputes concerning the Website.

5.2 . The Website service at first has an indefinite duration. However, MASCOTA VINEYARDS is authorized to terminate or suspend the service provision of the Website and/or any Content and Services at any time, without prejudice to the conditions provided concerning this matter in the corresponding Special Conditions, if any. When reasonable possible, MASCOTA VINEYARDS shall previously notify the termination or suspension of the Website service and of other services, if any.

5.3 . The User knows that the use of the Website and its services or content is prohibited in all those jurisdictions that do not recognize the effectiveness of these Terms and Conditions.

5.4 To copy, paste and/or modify these terms and conditions and/or information, images and/or contents of this website is completely prohibited.

Grupo Peñaflor S.A. Domiciled at Arenales 460, Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina is responsible for the Site. The opinions and/or content that appear in the Site made by third party are its sole responsibility and so not necessarily reflect the opinion of GRUPO PEÑAFLOR.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. It is illegal to sell alcoholic drinks to persons under the legal drinking age in their country of origin.